Our Company

At ATOMIC®, we provide a broad line ofget rid of drain flies in your home with Atomic professional-strength products designed to solve the issues of cleaning, sanitizing, and odor removal of organic waste odors that may arise in any domestic, commercial, or industrial situation.

Our odor-removal products have restored harmony to residences and workplaces all across the USA and other countries as well. Marinas, veterinary clinics, RV parks, contractors, hospitals, waste treatment plants and other businesses of all types rely on our professional strength waste odor treatment solutions.

While other companies use harsh and toxic chemicals to address waste odor concerns, ATOMIC® stays devoted to resolving common cleaning and sanitation difficulties by harnessing the latent forces of nature.

Given the rising concerns to the environment, the last thing the planet needs is millions of gallons of toxic water dumped into our water systems. Contrary to what some “natural” skeptics believe, our commitment to working in harmony with nature does not result in a less successful product. Our cutting-edge formulations utilize robust strains of living bacteria to digest organic waste, reduce solids, eliminate hazardous bacteria, and neutralize offensive odors.

You can put your trust in ATOMIC®, a eco-friendly company that strives to deliver the highest quality, professional strength cleaning, sanitization, and odor removal products available. Since our inception we are 100% committed to providing the highest quality products and ensuring the safety of the environment and our valued consumers.