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How to Get Rid Of Of Fruit Flies With ATOMIC®

Need to get rid of fruit flies? Go Atomic. Because other products just irritate the pests, causing them to scatter. ATOMIC’S powerful propreitary formula, consumes the organic waste and scum that drain and fruit flies nest in, leaving their breeding ground uninhabitable.

By utilizing the latent forces of nature, ATOMIC® uses a powerful fusion of living bacteria.This unique and incredibly powerful formula depletes the organic matter that fruit and drain flies feed on and nest in, depleting their breeding ground and rendering it useless.

ATOMIC® is an effective, robust formula that provides an effective treatment on eliminating fruit and drain flies that  procreate in the waste residue that is found in holding tanks, sink drains and portable restrooms. As other products only irritate these pests, causing them to disperse, ATOMIC ® degrades and eliminates the scum and organic waste that they inhabit, making their nesting ground uninhabitable.



Why Are Fruit Flies So Hard to Get Rid Of? Atomic Gel Formula 1 quart size -Eliminate Fruit and Drain Flies quikcly

Eggs from fruit flies and drain flies will hatch anywhere from 32 to 50 hours after being produced. The pupae from the eggs quickly grow into adults in about 14 days. Once they become fully grown, they will continue to breed and re-produce until they die or are terminated. Once this repetitive process begins, new-born flies will continue to appear from the pupae every one to two days. This repetitious cycle of new flies being hatched will begin to proliferate, allowing the fruit fly colony to populate and grow quickly.

ATOMIC’S super-charged digesting bacteria, neutralizes the environment that these fruit and drain flies thrive in. This natural process renders these nesting grounds useless, breaking the repetitive cycle of breeding and hatching. Simply put, the food source and necessary breeding environment gets eradicated, making it impossible for the fruit flies to exist. If you’re looking for a fast, effective solution on how to get rid of fruit flies, ATOMIC® is the answer.

Best Way to Eliminate Fruit and Drain Flies – The Benefits of ATOMIC®

Are you fed up with fruit and drain fly infestation at RV, Boat, home or business? You deserve to live a pest free life.

  • Drain Fly Eliminator: Breaks down and degrades the waste and scum that these annoying pests feed on.
  • Eradicates at The Source: Powerful bio-enzymatic formula, eradicates the nesting area leaving the breeding grounds uninhabitable.
  • 100% Earth Friendly & Safe. ATOMIC® harnesses the power of nature, getting the job done effectively without the use of harsh and toxic chemicals.
  • Can be used in Marine and RV black water holding tanks, sink drains, Porta Potties and all types of residential and commercial septic systems.
  • Professional Strength: ATOMIC’S supercharged digesting bacteria get the job done quickly and effectively. You never have to worry about fruit and drain flies ever again!


All Natural, Bio-Enzymatic formula approved to pump out at camp gounds, RV parks and all marine and RV dumping stations.

Bio-degradable, Earth- friendly and safe to use on all surfaces. 

DRAIN FLY ELIMINATOR: Get back your life and live fruit fly free with our specially formulated odor and debris destroying solution.

ATOMIC ® eats the scum and waste matter that annoying fruit and drain flies thrive on, leaving them no opportunity of bugging you in the future.

ATOMIC® products are manufactured in a state of the art US facility using the highest quality, synergistic blend of natural microbes. There will be no need to call a professional exterminator, ‘cause you’ll be equipped just like one!

EFFECTIVE ODOR CONTROL: ATOMIC ®  leaves a pleasant, fresh and clean scent behind while leaving no fruit or drain flies in sight.

Finally a proven solution on how to get rid of fruit flies. Go ATOMIC® Today!